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That depends on who you are and what you need:

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CBSI has been in business since 1976.

Short Answer - Yes!

Collection Bureau Services, Inc. has been a member of the ACA International since 1976.

It depends.

Recovery rates vary depending on different criteria including the age of the account, the geographical location of the consumer and the size of the account. CBSI has competitive recovery rates. A CBSI rep would be glad to provide you with some recovery percentages from current CBS customers in your category

The sooner the better.

The simple rule of thumb is: the sooner the account is placed for collection, the higher the recovery rate. Obviously, accounts should not be placed at 30 days past due, but a careful analysis of in-house activities usually reveals that payments received from in-house efforts drop off dramatically just after the accounts reach 90 days past due.

Placing accounts with Collection Bureau Services can be done several different ways:

  • On-line.
  • Printed Listing Sheet (mail or fax).
  • Electronic data processing.

Two Reasons:

First, one of the keys to recovering delinquent accounts is to refer them to the collection agency earlier. As time passes, people move, get sick, lose their jobs, file bankruptcy, etc. Many of these events make an account more difficult, and sometimes impossible, to collect. When creditors are faced with the possibility of paying 30, 40 or even 50% of the collected money to the collection agency they naturally wait to place accounts for collection. According to ACA International, the average collection account is placed when it is nearly eight months past due!

The second factor that affects how much a collection agency will recover has to do with how hard they work on each particular account. When agencies are working on a contingency fee basis, they aim to maximize their bottom line — not yours. Some agencies will work only the larger balances or the fresher balances. Other agencies may take all accounts, but really only concentrate on the local ones that keep their overhead low. When accounts are placed with Collection Bureau Services each account is worked systematically and thoroughly regardless of its age, size or location.


All businesses are different and unique in one way or another. But long experience has taught us that there is little difference between a consumer who is not paying one business and a consumer who is not paying some other business. Collection Bureau Services is currently successfully collecting for over 800 businesses.

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